How to remove Holi colour from Clothes, face, Skin, and Nails easily at Home

Are you looking for How to remove Holi colour from Face, Hair, and Nails? Holi is one of the most important festivals in Hindu culture. The festival brings a lot of joy and colour in its stride. People greet each other with love and play with colours forgetting all the old fights and complaints. But with all this joy and colour, one cannot forget that the colours used in playing Holi are very harmful to our skin, hair, and nails. It leaves our skin patchy and hair and nails brittle.

One can save oneself from all these side effects by following simple steps to take care of their skin, hair, and nails and play Holi without worrying about the color’s harms. Most people always search for How to remove Holi pakka colour from the Face or How to remove the permanent colour from the face after Holi, so your search ends here.

Some of the tips and steps to swear by before and after playing Holi are given below.

A. How to Remove Holi Colour from Hair

1. Castor or Olive oil

Before going out to play Holi, make sure that you massage your hair with Castor oil or Olive as these oils form a protective cover on your scalp. When you wash your hair after playing Holi, the oil will quickly wash off the hair. Not only this, but these two oils also help in nourishing your hair length and give strength to them. The oil doesn’t let the harmful colour seep into your scalp and damage the hair follicles leading to hair fall. If you don’t have castor oil or Olive oil accessible, you can also use coconut oil or almond oil. Both of these oils are also very good for hair growth and nourishment.

2. Mustard oil

Mustard oil can also be used in the same way as castor oil or Olive oil. One can apply the oil before playing colours and wash it off with shampoo. But even after this, if one has colour left on their scalp, one can use a thick layer of mustard oil on their hair and leave it for 1 hour. After leaving it for 1-hour wash it off with shampoo and do not forget to condition the hair.

3. Egg yolk or curd hair pack

One can easily find curd or eggs in their kitchen. After playing Holi, prepare a DIY box for your hair with curd or egg yolk. Take curd and put some aloe vera gel in it and mix it well. Put this on your hair for at least 45 minutes, then shampoo as usual. Curd helps in removing the colour, and aloe vera help in soothing the hair. One can use fresh aloe vera gel from the plant or use other available gels in the market. Egg yolk alone can be used in nourishing the hair after playing colours. One can apply egg yolk on their hair length and scalp and keep it for 45 minutes before washing it off with shampoo.

4. Coconut Milk

It is the best conditioner for hair. Coconut is vouched by many for hair growth and for improving the health of damaged hair. Before going out to play Holi apply coconut milk on your hair; this helps in removing the colour from hair after playing Holi and also in conditioning the frizzy hair. After playing Holi and washing it after putting it on for 1 hour, one can also apply coconut milk. If one has frizzy hair, then coconut milk can do wonders in reducing the damage and harm to hair due to Holi colours.

B. How to Remove Holi Colour from Skin

1. Gram Flour Face pack

After playing Holi, make a face pack using gram flour, milk, sweet oil, and aloe vera gel. Apply this on your affected skin evenly and wash it off after it dries. Use your fingertips to scrub it off from your skin.

2. Moisturizer or Oil

Apply moisturizer or coconut oil on your legs, arms, and face generously before going out to play Holi. This helps as the oil or moisturizer acts as a protective shield between your skin and colours.

3. Foundation

Applying the foundation on your face and hands can also help avoid the dry Holi colours from sticking on your skin or seeping into one’s pores.

4. Vaseline

One should not forget to moisturize their lips before going out to play Holi. Apply vaseline generously on your lips before heading out to play Holi. Vaseline forms a protective layer on your lips and keeps your lips moisturized. It also avoids chapping and cuts on the lips, which are usually caused by Holi colours.

5. Sunscreen

Before heading out to play Holi, cover your skin with sunscreen. Try to apply sunscreen at least half an hour before heading out and try to make sure that the sunscreen is at least 35+ SPF or more.

6. Wheat Flour (Ubtan)

Ubtan is an age-old DIY used in Indian households to get rid of tan and Holi colours. Take wheat flour, lemon, turmeric, and milk and mix it to make a fine paste. Apply it generously on your skin and use it as a scrub to scrub off the colour from your skin.

C. How to Remove Holi Colour from Nails

1. Toothpaste

After playing, Holi nails are the most affected. To remove Holi colours from your nails, take a small amount of toothpaste to gently rub your nails and edge of the nails. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash it off with cold water.

2. Lemon

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C and helps in removing tan and stubborn Holi colour. Take a sliced lemon, rub it on your nails for 15 mins, and then wash it off with water. These tips will help in removing the colour instantly from the nails.

3. Dried Mango Powder (Amchur)

Amchur also has citric properties and can be used to remove Holi colours from your nails. Take a small amount of Amchur and mix it with some water and rub it on your nails. Rub this for 10-15 minutes and wash off with water.

4. Nail Polish

Before heading out to play Holi, apply clear or dark coloured nail polish on your nails. When you remove this nail paint using nail paint remover, the Holi colors will also be removed with the nail paint. The nail paint acts as a barrier between your nails and the Holi colors.

D. How to Remove Holi Colour from clothes

1. Bleach

If clothes are white, soak them separately in non-chlorine beaches and hot water. Wash and dry them separately to prevent the color from other garments.

2. Lemon Juice

Lemon has got acid, so it also helps to remove color. Soak your clothes in lemon juice and scrub lightly with your hands. Wash this cloth separately.

3. White Vinegar

Add half a cup of white vinegar and one teaspoon of air to 2-3 liters of cold water. The acid does the trick here and draws the color of your clothes.

Essential tips to remember to remove colour:

• Always use cold water to remove the colors as hot water doesn’t do the trick.
• Do not continuously wash your face as it will make your face dry.
• Use a cotton ball soaked in coconut oil to wipe off the colors from your face.
• Do not go for any skin or hair treatments that include any chemical products as they can burn your already scrubbed skin. Keep at least a difference of two weeks before going to the salon.
• Your hair is also left vulnerable after Holi. To protect your hair, use a paste of curd and Methi seeds powder and apply it to your hair. Wash off after an hour for healthy hair.