13 Tips on How to Prepare for GATE Exam With or Without Coaching

What is GATE?
If you are looking for How to prepare for GATE? So, you will find the whole article here and crack it easily. If you are an engineering student then there is no way that you haven’t heard of the daunting GATE. GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in engineering and is the most popular and competitive national level exam for engineering students. A good score in the GATE exam ensures a prestigious college for postgraduate studies and also sometimes helps in landing a good job for students.

Many PSUs offer jobs to students on the basis of the GATE score which makes this exam more competitive than any other exam. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering is attempted by lakhs of students every year. The competition level is very high and is still increasing year by year. Most of the students nowadays have resorted to dedicated coaching to crack this graduate-level entrance exam.

The main purpose and objective of this exam are to test the knowledge and understanding of your subjects which you have studied in your undergraduate years that include the various subjects of engineering and science. GATE is conducted and held by IISc and seven IIT’s together. The exam functions as a doorway for post-graduate admissions for engineering students. It also gives the opportunity to snag entry-level jobs in PSUs. The exam is usually held in February every year and the results are declared after a month approximately.

13 Tips on How to Prepare for Gate Exam and Crack it Easily.

If you want to crack GATE and achieve a good score on your first go then you should definitely follow the given tips. There is no shortcut though, you need a lot of hard work and determination to clear this exam. Some of the tips are:

1) The early bird gets the worm:

Just like this idiom if you want to ace this exam, then you have to start ahead to be one step ahead of your peers and have an advantage over them. If you start early then with ample time in hand, you can go through all the topics and study all aspects of the syllabus with great detail. So, you start ahead then you will enough time to revise everything as the syllabus is huge.

If you are planning to give the exam in the last year of your graduate college, then it’s advisable that you start your studies well ahead of starting of the 3rd year. Many students take a year's break and enroll themselves in coaching but if you start ahead then you won’t have to invest money in coaching and save yourself money.

2) Familiarize yourself with the GATE syllabus and exam pattern:

This is the basic first step. You need to have a good understanding of the syllabus so that there are no surprises for you on the day of the examination. The examination conducting committee brings slight tweaks and changes in the syllabus and pattern every year, make sure that you keep yourself updated with all these changes. If you know the syllabus you can also chalk out a proper timetable for the whole syllabus. If you are already ready for how to prepare for GATE without coaching then you should be ready before time.

3) Stock your books according to the latest syllabus:

You can find an array of books for GATE preparation. You should always buy more than one book so that you can refer to the other one if something is not clear to you and have any doubts. Also, you won’t find all the topics covered in one book, so you have to buy more than one book anyway.

4) Design a Time Table:

Chalking out a timetable is an integral part of the preparation for any examination and for preparation of GATE is of utmost importance. Creating a timetable gives you a clear headspace and provides you with a sense of completing goals that makes you feel motivated. Creating a timetable beforehand is also very important because then you can manage your time judiciously and give topics that you find hard more time and also create some time for revision which is extremely important. If you want to know how to prepare for gate cse without coaching then this is a simple trick and just follow it.

5) Making notes:

This is a method which all students are taught since childhood. It is a tried and tested method of retaining knowledge in the best way. Making notes for important topics even makes your revision easier. Many coaching institutes provide you with notes and you can buy them from them without having to attend their classes.

6) Give due attention to general aptitude and mathematics:

These subjects constitute 30 marks in the GATE exam and it is important that you give this part of the exam proper time as these 30 marks can be the determining factor.

7) Strengthen your bases:

It is important that your basic knowledge of all the important topics and concepts are clear. This is very important as GATE is an exam that is full of trick questions that test your understanding of these concepts as pursuing a post-graduate course without clearing your basics would be futile.

8) Importance of virtual calculator:

It is important that you acquaint yourself with the virtual calculator as it is a little difficult to understand at first and will help you greatly in the exam.

9) Assessment of your knowledge:

It’s important that you make sure that you have correctly understood what you have studied. There are many online exam series available that you can take in order to evaluate your knowledge.

10) Solve previous year Question Papers:

This method helps you in having a good understanding of the exam pattern. Solving the previous year and mock GATE question papers helps you in bettering your time management skills. Put a timer before starting the question paper and analyze which section takes your most time and work on it. You also eliminate the possibility of making silly mistakes when you solve mock and previous year question papers.

11) Revision:

Revision is the utmost important thing. Previously made notes are a great source of revision. Revision not only helps you in retaining knowledge for a longer time but also it clears any small doubts that your mind has. It is important that you revise your topics during short intervals so that you do not forget what you have already studied. While making your timetable, make sure that you have allocated enough time for revision. Daily revision is also a good method. Before starting your day’s studies, you should revise what you studied the day before so that you consolidate what you have already studied. Many people look for how to prepare for gate exams without coaching then be ready and keep revision.

12) Keep yourself connected:

It is important that you are in constant touch with your peers and teachers so that if you do not get to know about any update regarding the exam, you can get to know through them. Also, while studying alone, sometimes you get stuck on a topic and are unable to grasp it. During such times you can ask your peers and teachers to clear your doubts and discuss whatever topic you find hard to fathom.

13) Health is wealth:

After everything said, it is important that you keep an eye on your health both mental health and physical health. You should not put a lot of burden on yourself and thus make sure that you take breaks so that your body and mind can rejuvenate. Your health is the utmost important thing because if you end up sick on the day of the exam because of all the exertion that you put on yourself while prepping, then all of your hard work will go down the drain.

These were 13 Tips on How to Prepare for GATE Exam With and Without Coaching if you follow all these tips then there is a huge chance to crack it easily.