How to Join Raw in India with criteria selection, process and Salary

If you are looking for How to join RAW India then this article will benefit you.RAW is the acronym for Research and Analysis Wing, also written as R&AW. This wing or organization works as the sole foreign intelligence agency for India and was established on 21st September 1968. This is one of the most prestigious organizations in the nation. This organization is also sometimes referred to as a secret department as it is an independent department under the Prime Minister's office. All the information exchange between the PMO and RAW are highly confidential.

How to Join RAW India

Functions of RAW:

This organization runs a number of special jobs for the Indian government, some of which are:
1) Gathering foreign intelligence
2) Countering terrorism of all sorts
3) Countering proliferation
4) Counsel to Indian policymakers
5) Advancing India’s foreign strategic interest
6) Securing India’s nuclear program
In other words, one can say that RAW observes and checks the strategic movement of other nations in order to help India formulate its own policies. RAW employs Research officers or one can say Research agents all over the world where they help the organization in many different ways.

If you aspire to work in this agency then you need to keep in mind that this would be a very discreet job and though you would be doing a great service to your nation, you won’t be getting a lot of name and fame.

Job opportunities in RAW

RAW doesn’t advertise any vacancy for jobs in its organization. They do not have any direct routes for recruitment. So, in order to employ recruits, they select candidates from other government departments and use other indirect recruitment processes. Earlier many selected UPSC candidates have been offered jobs in RAW.

RAW doesn’t opt for direct recruitment thus it observes employees in other departments such as the Intelligence Agencies, Armed Forces, Police Services, Administrative Services, Indian Revenue Services, and many more. After due observation and satisfying themselves with the competency of the candidates, they send out job offers. RAW mainly picks their recruit from IB or Intelligence Bureau. But RAW has started making exceptions now and directly recruit from universities and colleges too.

There is an assumption that only secret agents work in RAW, but it is a misconstrued belief. Like any other organization, RAW needs a simple and functioning office and for that, they need clerks, analysts, desk officers, accountants, admin officers, and many more. Some of the jobs in the RAW office are:

1) Director of RAW:

RAW recruits its director from other first-grade services and mainly from Indian Police Services (IPS). If you are already working as a Grade 1 officer in any government department such as intelligence agencies, armed forces, etc. then you can be employed as a RAW officer. RAW Allied Service exam is used to recruit an internal cadre of the organization.

2) Field officer jobs:

These are the officers who go out and do all the main work for the organization. These officers are also hand-picked from government departments like intelligence services, police services, military services, etc.
There are a number of posts available under this category and they are as follows:

Assistant Field officer- This is the first designation you will achieve on joining.
Deputy Field Officer- After working as an assistant field officer, you are promoted to a deputy field officer on a merit basis
Field Officer- You will be promoted as a FO after having served as a DFO for at least 8 years.
Senior Field Officer- After functioning as a FO for at least 5 years, you can be promoted as an SFO.

3) Analyst Level:

This is basically a desk job but is one of the most crucial jobs in the organization. They act as the life of the organization. There are a number of posts available under this category and they are as follows:
Junior Intelligence Officer
Assistant Central Intelligence Officer
Central Intelligence Officer

4) Experts in miscellaneous fields:

RAW is like a think tank and thus has to keep itself updated in all spheres. They thus recruit a board of experts in all fields of study and other required skills that also includes handwriting experts, computer specialists, and many other fields.

Educational Qualification for RAW

In order to join RAW candidates should be at least a graduate in any stream from any reputed institute or university recognized by UGC. If you are familiar with any other foreign language then it increases your chance of recruitment.

Age Limit and other criteria for RAW

The minimum age to join Intelligence Bureaus is when you complete your graduation. But in order to apply for Intelligence Bureau, you should not be older than 56 years old. If you are applying via indirect recruitment that is the Central Staffing Scheme then you should have experience of 20 years at least.

Some of the other basic criteria are also applicable when applying to IB. Like any other government job requirement, you should be a citizen of India. You should have no criminal history and you should not be involved in any illegal activities. You should also not be addicted to any form of drugs.

RAW agent Salary

If you want to know RAW agent salary then you will be surprised they make 80,000 Rupees to 1.3 Lakh per month.

How to get into RAW and Intelligence Bureau

If you want to pursue your dream of getting into RAW or Intelligence Bureau then you have to prepare yourself to sit for a grueling written examination which is followed by an interview. You have to sit for the Combined Graduate Preliminary Exam or CGPE for the Intelligence Bureau recruitment process.

The exam is conducted by the Staff Selection Commission or SSC every year. You need to sit for the Group A Civil Services exam under the Centra; Staffing Scheme if you want to become a RAW agent. Candidates have to clear all the stages which test your mental ability by testing you on your general knowledge, reasoning, general aptitude, and quantitative aptitude.

RAW has an array of jobs and you can apply for analytical positions, language experts, tech experts, and many other fields. You need to be confident and knowledgeable if you want to be a part of this prestigious organization now we are sure if you are looking for how to join Rw or how to become a raw agent has been cleared.