If you are looking for types of SEO techniques then your search ends here. Search Engine Optimization or most commonly known as SEO is a procedure through which you can boost up the ranking of your website on different search engines. It is widely used by all types of business entities, no matter how small or big they are.

It is one of the ways through which different businesses can get recognized in the market and can improve their economic performance. Search Engine Optimization has different types of services available and if you are someone who is into an online business, you will need this service to optimize the ranking of your website.
There are two types of SEO that are adopted by marketers. They are Black and White SEO. To know more about them, continue reading and check three types of SEO.

Three types of SEO Techniques

white hat seo, grey hat seo and black hat seo

1. White Hat SEO

It is among the most used techniques. It uses the methods which improve the ranking of the website on the search engine and does not break the guidelines of the search engine. Some of the techniques, which are used by the White Hat SEO include content development of high quality, high content supported link acquisitions, website HTML optimization, and reorganization and manual outreach and research. For those who use this method, they will see slow growth in their website rankings but the benefit of this method is that the result will be long-lasting. The White hat SEO is the most used method as it does not aim to break any guidelines or algorithms of Google and it does not aim to take the advantages of loopholes.

2. Grey Hat SEO

The type of practice that cannot be categorized in black or white. A type of technique that is performed by combining both of the methods. We can also consider this as a conversion from black to white or white to black. There are many SEO companies that use this method to provide better results for their clients. They make sure they don’t cross the line of the Black Hat SEO and remain in the area of White Hat SEO.

3. Black Hat SEO

A type of search engine which manipulates the ranking of the site by tricking the search engine. This technique is not accepted according to the rules of the search engine. The name clears what kind of SEO it is. Black Hat SEO targets the loopholes and weaknesses which are present in Google’s algorithm which results in raising up the rank of the website in the search engine results. The actions performed under Black Hat SEO are considered illegal as they do not confirm to the guidelines of Google and its algorithms.

The benefit of this technique is that your website can get among the top results of search engine results. However, it can be really risky. This is because if your website is spotted and the spam is exposed, they will immediately ban your site. Some of the common Black Hat techniques are spam links, cloaking, keyword stuffing, hidden texts, and links. Their aim is to mislead the audience by redirecting the traffic to the site which they weren’t visiting.

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