15 tips on how to be confident and happy

Are looking for How to be confident and happy then here are some secrets that will help you to become super confident and be successful in life. Building true confidence is a gradual process. It’s not an overnight process. No one is born with unlimited self-confidence. If someone has got awesome confidence, It is because they have worked to develop it for years.

You can’t be a confident and positive person suddenly; you really have to work for it. But if you’re in need of some extra confidence, do you know why most people fail to build self-confidence? Because they don’t have that belief in themselves that yes they can do it. They do work hard but don’t have faith in them that makes their idea fail and thus they lose. Learning HOW to be confident is important in every aspect of your life. Confident people are always happy because they have a positive mindset and those who have a lack of confidence will always feel unsecured. Here are some tips which will make you confident and happy.

15 tips on How to be confident and happy

1. Give pleasure to your subconscious mind.

If the whole world likes your Presentation but you dislike it you won’t feel confident around people. If you love your Presentation but no one likes it then you will feel confident. All you need to do is impress your own self, your own subconscious mind. And, trust me this confidence will help you lead a happy life.

2. Don’t run away from your fears, Face them.

We don’t feel afraid when we are in control. When we are not in control we don’t understand things and react in the wrong way. This is why fear often seems random and irrational—our emotions are in control. And, the way you face your fears, shows your real personality.

3. Keep track of your fears and be confident.

Hiding from what we are scared of can only make our fears stronger and thus making us more scared and weak. Don’t let them control your life! The best way to deal with your fears is to write them down, face them, and learn how to overcome them!

4. Mount yourself with encouraging, confident people.

Confidence and happiness are contagious. You start to see and realize your own beauty when you are around people who are confident in their own skin with what they are. Be around people who want to build you up, own. The positive energy in you will drive you crazy and build your self-confidence and will motivate other girls also. And, thus our surroundings, or say the environment has a great impact on our living.

5. Discover the motive for your enjoyment and do it!

Start getting comfortable with yourself, do what makes you happy. Positivity is the key to self-confidence. Always have the right mindset. Do things that make you happy whether it's a gym or just lying in the bed watching your favorite TV show, just do it. It will enhance your confidence, and will surely make you happy and relaxed.

6. Be Confident, both Externally and Internally.

When you are confident about the way you look, you won’t feel low about your appearance. Staying healthy and wearing clothes that make you feel confident can greatly boost your self-esteem. Remove negative aspects of yourself from your mind. Instead, start thinking positively about your abilities to strengthen your confidence.

7. Don’t let yourself Down by Negative Comments from Others.

When someone says negative things about you, do not get depressed by it. If someone says something wrong about you or any negative point, use it as a motivation to change that wrong habit of yours. Ignore all the negative things that come your way and do your best to learn from your mistakes. Try more to be with the people who help you increase your confidence by speaking positive things to you. As positive thoughts play a really beneficial role in the process of being confident.

8. Be a better listener.

When you are good at speaking, people will like to get into a conversation with you or say you will attract more people. To be good at speaking and connect well with others, you should have good listening and learning skills. Start interacting with people, ask questions, and search for the answers that will direct you to the right path. And then when you speak, you will speak with utmost confidence.

9. Adapt new skills and habits.

Always move towards progress. The more you learn the more confident you become. Your skills learned should be well according to the problem you are currently facing. Remember, it’s not only important to move forward but also to move in the right direction. Learn the skills that can help you solve your most important problems, and thus work on them.

10. Never forget to smile.

The easiest thing you can do to feel confident is the smile, especially when your self-esteem is low. Smiling makes it easy for you to overcome a strenuous situation. Then, you’re in a position of influence to make decisions people will trust. Smile acts as the key to being confident.

11. Meditate regularly.

The daily habit of meditation acts like magic to our body which directly or indirectly enhances our confidence. Meditation has some really cool benefits. Meditating just 5 minutes before starting your day helps to boost your daily routine work and make you feel enthusiastic.

12. Improve eye contact while a conversation.

It changes the way how people perceive you and will get amazed by the level of your confidence. It shows that you are interested in the conversation and it signifies the level of respect you have for the other person.

13. Have welcoming body language.

Your body language has a great impact on your confidence. Try to be in perfect body language, to gain confidence, or to show your interest to the people that are around you. Keep your body open. Don’t cross your arms or legs, it’s disrespectful and rude from your side. The same goes for your face and hands — if it’s clear you’re preoccupied with something else, people will take the hint.

14. Improve your body posture.

A good posture is key to feel confident. It’s important how you carry yourself. Try keeping a good posture by keeping your shoulders back, spine straight, and chin high. Don’t just drag your feet; your walk should be done with a purpose. The world looks at you the way you portray yourself, so act confident even if you are not.

15. Wake up, Dress up, and conquer the world.

If you feel like a confident person eventually you will end up being a winner. Wear what you are comfortable in and what you think will look best on you. As our dressing sense plays a beneficial role in the growth of our confidence. Try to present yourself in a good condition. Maintain personal hygiene well. And, some other tips include are bathing and brushing your teeth daily. Grooming is necessary for skin and hair. Dress confidently.